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Jimmy Fallon and Rahm Emanuel Made Funny Faces After Jumping Into Freezing Lake Michigan

On Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon agreed to participate in the Polar Plunge — an annual event where people jump into Chicago’s very, very cold Lake Michigan to raise money for the Special Olympics — with tough guy Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who made Fallon’s participation in the stunt a condition of his upcoming Tonight Show appearance. The late-night host kept his word on Sunday morning, joining Emanuel and “several thousand” crazy/generous people for a brief dip into the water, which is currently about 32 degrees. (It was also ten degrees outside when the event took place.) Though many participants wore costumes, Fallon opted for a suit and tie, which, as you can tell from his expression, did not do much to protect him from the icy temperatures. And, while Emanuel wore a wetsuit, he didn’t look particularly comfortable either, which seems to have been the point of this whole thing.

Fallon and Emanuel Jump Into Lake Michigan