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Watch These Poor Local Fox Anchors React, in Slow Motion, to an Accidental Penis

Fox 31 in Denver attempted to cover this morning’s fatal news-helicopter crash live using social media only to fail, fail, and then fail again. While clicking through largely unrelated tweets, the local news station aired a photo of Edward Scissorhands, what appears to be an omelette filled with spaghetti (?), and finally, a dick, before giving up. The crew, doubtless TV veterans, could not contain their shock, surprise, and disgust. The clip above is NSFW; the GIFs below are for everyone.

The “Heavens, Me!”:

The “Why Do I Still Work Here?”:

The “Well, That Was Awkward”:

The “Oh. My. Gosh.”:

You just never expect a penis, even though we’ve learned time and time again that you really probably should.

Fox Affiliate Accidentally Airs Penis (in GIFs!)