France Also Spotted Possible Flight 370 Debris

On Sunday, Malaysia announced that satellite data from France also showed “possible objects” floating in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The announcement came one day after China also reported seeing an object nearby, and several days after Australia spotted two. A few smaller pieces of debris, including a wooden pallet seen on Saturday that investigators have since been unable to relocate, have been spotted by people in search planes.

The objects detected by the French — photos of which have not yet been released — were found around 575 miles north of where the Australian and Chinese images were taken, according to an unnamed Malaysian official who spoke to the Associated Press. The official also said that one of the objects appeared to be the same size as the one spotted by the Chinese on Saturday.

The information emerged as searchers ended another fruitless day in the part of the southern Indian Ocean where Flight 370 is thought to have disappeared. Sunday’s efforts were hampered by a “cloud down to the surface and at times we were completely enclosed by cloud,” Royal Australian Air Force flight Lieutenant Russell Adams told reporters. However, he added, “We might do 10 sorties and find nothing, but on that 11th flight when you find something and you know that you’re actually contributing to some answers for somebody.”