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George Zimmerman Was the Celebrity Guest at a Florida Gun Show

Terrible painter and noted domestic abuser George Zimmerman, who first rose to prominence as the killer of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, was the guest of honor at a Florida gun show over the weekend. Orlando’s NBC affiliate reports that the event’s original venue backed out after being subjected to what organizer Mike Piwowarski called “community pressure” over Zimmerman’s appearance. Luckily for less decent members of Orlando’s community, a gun store called the Arms Room volunteered to host instead.

There, Zimmerman signed autographs and posed for pictures with a crowd of about 200 people, according to Fox 35. When asked to respond to those who might find his presence “antagonistic,” Zimmerman said, “I don’t worry about people that say it’s antagonistic … the importance was to support the people that supported me.” But, when asked if the meet-and-greet, along with his willingness to participate in an eventually canceled celebrity boxing match, indicated that he considered himself a celebrity, Zimmerman demurred, “No, I still don’t, never have.” After all, it’s important to stay humble.

George Zimmerman Was Gun Show’s Celebrity Guest