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Representative Alan Grayson Says Video Proves He Didn’t Shove His Wife

Messy details have been spilling out about Representative Alan Grayson’s family life since the Florida Democrat’s estranged wife accused him of shoving her against a door last weekend, as well as physically abusing her and their five children in the past. On Wednesday, Grayson tried to disprove his wife’s story by releasing a cell-phone video of the incident recorded by one of his aides. The video, which was edited and has no sound, shows Grayson retreating as his wife appears to push or strike him (his lawyers repeatedly described it as an “uppercut”).

The congressman’s 18-year-old daughter, who was arrested in November for allegedly throwing objects at her mother and pushing her, released a statement supporting her father’s version of events. “At no time did my father hit or push my mother,” said Skye Grayson. “In fact, my father backed away from my mother when she became physically aggressive.” Either way, it’s definitely not the kind of coverage Grayson wants as he’s launching a reelection campaign.

Rep. Grayson Says Video Shows He Didn’t Hit Wife