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Last Words From Malaysia Flight 370: ‘All Right, Good Night’

Although the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still all theories and no answers, the last dispatch from the plane that disappeared over the South China Sea was hauntingly normal: “All right, good night,” said the pilot via radio, according to a report from a briefing in Beijing. (Others have reported the final message as “All right, roger that.”) The search for the aircraft, in its fifth day, now includes 42 ships and 39 aircraft from 12 countries, but has still turned up nothing.

Reliable information remains scarce, as officials disagreed about whether or not the plane turned around before disappearing from radars. “There is a possibility of an air turn back. We are still investigating and looking at the radar readings,” said Malaysia’s civilian aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman.

Tensions are understandably running high among family members of the 239 people on board. “All Malaysians are liars!” One man yelled in Chinese at airline representatives in Beijing this week. “Do you know what ‘liars’ means?” In video that surfaced today from the meeting, bottles are thrown at those trying, and failing, to respond to questions from the grieving:

Why don’t you give us some answers?” shouted one woman. “Do you know how much pain we’re in? Those are our children!”

Last Words From Flight 370: ‘Good Night’