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Obama Is Really Into Exploding His Fist-Bumps Lately

Photo: Huffington Post

President Dad strikes again. Years on from the infamous terrorist fist-jab, Barack Obama has elaborated on his trademark bump, but in the most fatherly way possible, overusing the explosion maneuver like an old joke at the dinner table. Today, he deployed the trick on an unsuspecting White House guest, as he’s made a habit of doing recently.

Here he is at the State of the Union, pulling the same move with Republican Senator Mark Kirk, who at least knows what he’s doing. It appears they may have practiced:

Photo: Gawker

And from January, during a White House tour, Obama tries it out on a kid who could only struggle to keep up:

Photo: Business Insider

The surprise explosion: one step above “got your nose” or “pull my finger.”

Obama Really Into Exploding Fist-Bumps Lately