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Park Slope Pavilion Has Cops Eject Moviegoer for Eating Fruit

A cup of strawberries has started a war between the Park Slope Pavilion and a 41-year-old patron. Michael Kass says he was ejected from a Sunday showing of Divergent for attempting to bring a carton of strawberries into the show. After he was told to toss the outside food, despite informing a worker that he has type 2 diabetes, Kass asked to have his ticket refunded. When they refused, he entered the show with the offending fruit, and was escorted out of the theater by two cops. 

A manager initially told the Village Voice that he’s “100 percent sure” the incident didn’t happen, but otherwise the theater has refused to comment on the story. “I was irate. In a place like Park Slope, it’s culturally insensitive,” Kass tells the Post. “I’m speaking out because I love movies, and I felt for a long time that more theaters should offer healthy snacks.” While Kass wrote Bill de Blasio a letter and his wife tweeted at him, the mayor has yet to weigh in. Hopefully today’s Post cover will get his attention, because what’s the point of having a mayor from Park Slope if he can’t settle health food-related disputes?

Park Slope Pavilion Eject Moviegoer Over Fruit