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Silvio Berlusconi Is Putting Out a Weekly Pope Fanzine

An Italian publisher owned by sex-crazed Italian Renaissance Man (and former prime minister) Silvio Berlusconi is celebrating Ash Wednesday with the debut of its new title, Il Mio Papa, or My Pope. The 68-page glossy, like Oprah’s O, will only have one cover star, ever, and promises a “medley of papal pronouncements and photographs, along with peeks into his personal life,” the New York Times reports. Oh, and a pullout centerfold! (Of the pope.)

It’s a sort of fanzine, but of course it can’t be like something you’d do for One Direction,” said My Pope editor Aldo Vitali. “We aim to be more respectful, more noble.” So probably no accidental F-word.

We don’t want gossip or paparazzi,” he added. “We’re not going to go after any scoops.” So definitely no Sex Diary.

Weekly Pope Fanzine Out Now Thanks to Berlusconi