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Street Artist Climbs Queensboro Bridge, Posts Footage on YouTube

Some might say there is no good time to illegally scale a massive New York landmark, but street artist Judith Supine managed to find the absolute worst moment to place his artwork on top of the Queensboro Bridge: 4 a.m. last Tuesday, just after it was reported that the World Trade Center BASE jumpers would soon be charged. Several years ago, Supine installed art on the Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, and the latest stunt was meant to draw attention to his show this weekend at Mecka Gallery in Williamsburg. “It’s just something I like to do for fun,” he told CBS New York. “To be naughty and run around the city and put my art in places I’m not supposed to.”

The incident went mostly undetected until Supine posted footage to YouTube. Since officials are facing criticism this week over security at city landmarks, what might have been dismissed as “naughty” behavior is being investigated by the NYPD. Also, Senator Chuck Schumer weighed in after holding a press conference on Sunday calling for a federal review of World Trade Center security. “These days you say who else could climb to the top of the Queensboro Bridge for a much more evil purpose?” he said. “We have to be far more careful with our landmarks, with all of our entryways. Far more careful.”

Artist Climbs Queensboro Bridge, Posts Video