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Slate Makes Halfhearted Attempt at Putting Up a Paywall

Slate is so ambivalent about making people pay for content that they actually aren’t using the term “paywall.” On Tuesday, the digital magazine will begin marketing a membership program called Slate Plus, according to the New York Times. Most content will remain free, but readers will be urged to buy a subscription, priced at $5 a month or $50 a year, for access to special features, such as discussions with Slate writers, ad-free podcasts, and reserved seating at Slate events. “Advertising remains central to our success, but we think we’d be better off if we were less dependent on it,” said David Plotz, Slate’s editor in chief. “We also think it’s important to give readers a stake in the journalism they value, which is why we’re asking them to pay for membership.” Presumably Slate’s more unscrupulous superfans will quickly find a workaround.

Slate Makes Halfhearted Paywall Attempt