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Twitter Bought Some Very Old Log Cabins to Use As Employee Dining Rooms

Photo: David Maska / Shutterstock

The Marin Independent Journal reports that Twitter has purchased a pair of homesteader cabins from the late 1800s,” to be used as employee dining rooms at their new San Francisco offices, because why not? The onetime homes were sold to Twitter (for an undisclosed price) by contractor Karl Beckmann, who salvaged them from some Montana ranching towns only to have them languish on Craigslist for a year. “We pretty much got a lot of crackpot calls,” Beckmann said. “When you think about it, buying a 100-year-old log cabin that has been exposed to the elements is not a very practical idea unless you’re doing something exactly like what is being done here.” (Which is to say: something very impractical, especially since the company has yet to turn a profit.) While it seems like the rustic, authenticity-conveying structures would make more sense at Instagram, the Twitter log cabins will go nicely with the Twitter canoes.

Twitter Bought Log Cabins to Use As Dining Rooms