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U.S. Government Admits Defeat, Takes Another Snow Day

The federal government will be closed today and both the House and the Senate have postponed votes scheduled for this evening as Winter Storm Adele Dazeem* bears down on the East Coast. The D.C. area is expected to get five to eight inches of snow in the next 24 hours, and nearly 4,000 flights had been canceled as as rain and sleet began falling on Sunday evening. New York should get off relatively easy this time, with only one to two inches of accumulation. The snow is expected to taper off by the afternoon, and then we can look forward to temperatures in the single digits on Monday night. If we make it below 6, we’ll break a miserable record set in 1872.

* Daily Intelligencer has been getting weather updates from John Travolta.

U.S. Government Admits Defeat, Takes Snow Day