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Winter to Make You Miserable at Least One More Time

Photo: Weather Channel

Hopefully you didn’t get too used to the relatively mild temperatures and brief burst of sunshine this week, because tomorrow, things go back to being terrible, the default state this winter. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for highs in the 20s and mainly rain in New York City, although snowshowers are possible in the morning, with more than a foot of snow expected in western and northern parts of the state. Even though it’s mid-March, “Blizzard conditions are possible in western and central New York,” says The Weather Channel.

For Boston, New York and Philadelphia this is mainly a rain storm with some ice on the tail end,” which sounds just wonderful, according to another forecaster. “The snow on the backside doesn’t look impressive for Boston or New York City.” Of course, we’ve been plenty wowed already.

Regardless, this has to be the last one, right? Right!?

Winter to Make You Miserable at Least Once More