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Three More People Arrested for Using Bronx Day Cares As Stash Houses

Last September, the DEA and NYPD raided a Bronx home that was also used as a day care called, (in)appropriately enough, Fun World Childcare, where they found guns, 1,000 Oxycodone pills, $15,200 in cash, and two pounds of cocaine stored in a Hot Wheels lunchbox and Spongebob Squarepants bedding. The couple living in the apartment was arrested at the time. Now, NBC New York reports that three drug traffickers have been taken into custody and accused of moving ten to 22 pounds of cocaine shipped from Puerto Rico through the place per month. (The street value of a pound is about $30,000.) 

The operation’s ringleader, 45-year-old Juan Valdez, was arrested at a second home day care, called Sweet Home, where the authorities also found $7,500 in cash. “Day care centers are considered safe houses not stash houses,” said police commissioner Bill Bratton, who seems to have found some people who might disagree. 

3 Arrested for Using Day Cares As Stash Houses