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Bronx Man Who Claims He Fell Into a Sinkhole Probably Lying

Not the same sinkhole. Photo: gazawia/Twitter

After the ground suddenly opened up in the middle of a Bronx street on Monday, leaving a five-foot-deep sinkhole, paramedics arrived to find a young man inside, screaming, “My leg! My leg!” The guy, who was taken to the hospital but not actually treated, said he’d been playing football and just happened to fall in (at the right time to sue somebody or collect insurance). DNAinfo reports otherwise:


He was sitting on a porch with some other guys and they started horsing around,” a young woman told “On The Inside.”

“He started rolling around next to the hole and they were actually videoing it with his iPad.”

According to another witness, “He was standing next to a car saying he was hurt, but then when he heard the sirens he put one leg into the hole, and then another, and then suddenly he was into covering himself with dust.”

Bronx Man Probably Lying About Sinkhole