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NYPD Detective Who Shot His Partner Had Been Drinking a Lot

Last week, NYPD detectives Jay Poggi and Matthew Sullivan left their precinct station to look into a robbery in Far Rockaway, got sidetracked for a while at a bar, and ended up at Jamaica Hospital, because Poggi had managed to shoot Sullivan in the wrist. Since then, Sullivan has had two surgeries, and Poggi, who blew a .113 on a blood alcohol test, has been charged with driving while intoxicated. The exact circumstances of the shooting remain unclear. Poggi said his gun accidentally discharged while he was showing it to Sullivan inside their police vehicle, but investigators “believe the shooting happened outside the car — possibly with the detectives firing the gun in the air.” (Yee-haw!) One thing’s for sure: They had both been drinking a lot. 

According to the New York Daily News, the on-duty cops each drank at least 11 beers before the dumb incident occurred. (Sullivan may have also done a shot or two.) Police commissioner Bill Bratton isn’t pleased. “The commissioner wants accountability,” said a “source,” who added that Bratton said there would now be “tighter supervision” of detectives when they go out to do investigations. Way to ruin it for everyone, dudes.

Cop Who Shot Partner Had Been Drinking a Lot