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Florida Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Drunken Taco Bell Run

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that cops spotted Florida State Representative Dane Eagle running a red light on Monday. It was 2 a.m. and Eagle was coming from a Taco Bell, so it’s not so surprising that the officers who pulled him over noted that there was a “strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.” After the 30-year-old Republican “stumbled” when he got out of his car, told the police that his vehicle only smelled like liquor because he’d used it to ferry his friends from a bar earlier, and declined a field sobriety test, he was taken to jail. But by Monday afternoon, the lawmaker was in good enough shape to ask Congress for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. Eagle, who has endorsed a bill that would require any elected or appointed official who refused a drug test to be fired, issued a statement acknowledging his arrest but declining to discuss it. All in a day’s work for a Florida man.

Florida Lawmaker Arrested After Taco Bell Run