Free NYC Condoms Are More Expensive in the Dominican Republic

The New York Daily News reports that some of the 38 million free New York City–branded condoms distributed throughout the city by the Health Department each year are being smuggled into the Dominican Republic, where they’re being sold for profit: A reporter found “dozens” of the recently revamped prophylactics displayed in a small-town pharmacy, where they were going for about 50 cents — less than half the price of a Durex in the same shop — and market researchers have noticed them in several other places throughout the country. 

These are supposed to be free for New Yorkers,” pointed out City Council health committee chairperson Corey Johnson when he spoke to the Daily News. (The condoms cost taxpayers about $5.7 million annually.) However, he added, “If they’re ending up in the Dominican Republic, I hope people are using them.” If they’re paying for them, then they probably are. Meanwhile, spoiled New Yorkers continue to drunkenly shove the things into the bottom of their bags as they leave the bar, only to forget they’re there once they get home.

Free NYC Condoms Are More Expensive in the D.R.