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Gun Running Sting Included Over 150 Weapons All the Way From Georgia

Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A seven-month NYPD operation has resulted in a 558-count indictment against Georgia man (and part-time Staten Island resident) Michael Brewer Quick, his wife, Aliyah Camille Dowell, and four other relatives, who have been charged with selling a total of 155 guns to an undercover officer in Brooklyn. The weapons — mostly handguns, though an AR-15 assault weapon, a MAC-11, and two Tech-9 machine pistols were included in the mix — were stolen or purchased down south and brought to New York via 13 road trips up I-95. (One one occasion, Quick sold the undercover cop a single suitcase containing 25 firearms, the largest such buy in the department’s history, according to police chief Bill Bratton.) All in all, the NYPD shelled out $126,000 to Quick’s family, though prosecutors say that the street value of the guns in New York, which is a lot stricter when it comes to weapons than they are in Georgia, is about five times that much.

Gun Running Sting Included Over 150 Weapons