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Marxist Pope Francis Confiscates Another Bishop’s Mansion

Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Or, more accurately (since Pope Francis is not actually a Marxist): Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory has announced that he will sell his $2.2 million home in Buckhead (a fancy neighborhood) after hearing complaints from parishioners who felt that he was not honoring Pope Francis’s call for austerity by living there. Gregory, who knocked down a more modest place to build the 6,000-square-foot Tudor-style property on land donated to the Church, said he will reinvest proceeds from the sale into the Catholic community. A couple of weeks ago, Francis asked Franz-Peter “the Bishop of Bling” Tebartz-van Elst to step down after the $43 million residence he was building in Germany caused an uproar. Who will be the next Catholic bigwig to voluntarily follow Francis’s noble example?

Marxist Pope Francis Confiscates Another Mansion