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Megyn Kelly Won’t Say the Fort Hood Shooter’s Name, But She Will Speculate About His Ethnicity

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 10: Megyn Kelly, host of America Live on set at Fox News studios in New York. Fox News Channel celebrated its 15th anniversary on the air on October 7th.
Photo: Jon Vachon/Getty Images

During last night’s episode of The Kelly File, the Fox News host declined to use the name of the man who opened fire on Fort Hood yesterday, Ivan Lopez, because she has “decided not to name these mass killers here as a policy.” Fine! However, later on in the broadcast, while again noting that she wouldn’t be using the shooter’s name, Kelly helpfully told her viewers that his “nationality … sounds Hispanic, Latino, but you can look up his name online if you care to know more,” just in case the news organizations covering the incident in the conventional way somehow fail to make Lopez’s role in it clear.

Megyn Kelly Won’t Say Fort Hood Shooter’s Name