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New Jersey Teen Who Sued Her Parents Shouldn’t Have Gone to All That Trouble

Rachel Canning — the ambitious New Jersey 18-year-old who fought with her mother and father, moved out of their house, and sued them for living expenses, private high-school and college tuition, and lawyers’ fees only to eventually drop the lawsuit and return home — has received a very generous offer from Western New England University: “Decision made,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ [sic] scholarship.” 

According to the school’s website, a full year of undergraduate education there (plus room and board) costs $46,154. So Canning can either come up with about $32,000 per year* on her own, or put up with her parents for a bit longer.

* An earlier version of this post suggested Canning was offered $56,000 per year, not $56,000 spread over four years. We regret the errror.

NJ Teen Who Sued Her Parents Gets Scholarship