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Long Island Nursing Home Says Residents Requested a Stripper

On Tuesday, the world learned that Franklin Youngblood planned to sue West Babylon’s East Neck Nursing Center after he found a photo of his mother, Bernice, stuffing dollar bills into the briefs of a male stripper there. At a press conference about the uncomfortable situation, Youngblood’s lawyer, John Ray, said that the 85-year-old had been “disgraced and offended” by the show. Bernice, who has partial dementia, told reporters that her encounter with the dancer left her feeling “terrible” and “ashamed,” though she couldn’t remember the details of the incident.

While Franklin and his lawyers maintain that East Neck’s staff brought in the stripper for their own “perverse pleasure,” a lawyer representing the nursing home, Howard Fensterman, claimed that the facility’s 16-resident activities committee requested the show themselves, and willingly ponied up the $250 fee. “They welcomed it, and it looks like they had a good time,” said Fensterman. He also noted that Franklin’s wife was photographed sitting next to his mother at the raunchy event in question. “Regardless of whoever’s in that picture — it’s wrong,” said Franklin, who might not know the women in his life as well as he thought he did.

Nursing Home Says Residents Requested Stripper