Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Showing Residents Too Good a Time

Photo: Alan Bailey / Shutterstock

Back in January, Franklin Youngblood went to visit his mother, Bernice, at West Babylon’s East Neck Nursing Center and saw a photograph he couldn’t un-see: one of the 85-year-old woman stuffing cash into a male stripper’s briefs as her fellow residents looked on with “a mix shock and delight.” According to the New York Post, Youngblood demanded an explanation from a nurse, who allegedly “lunged at him and tried to snatch the picture away.” Later, another nursing-home employee told him that the nearly nude performance was an “entertainment event” done “in good faith” for their elderly charges.

Now Youngblood plans to sue the place, claiming that his mother “lacks the mental and physical capacity” to decide whether she wanted a Magic Mike–style experience in her twilight years. “This woman has spent her whole life living in dignity and now has been disgraced and offended by all of this,” said one of Youngblood’s lawyers. Or, at least, that’s the story she told her uptight son. Either way, it probably would have been better for everyone if East Neck had just stuck with shuffleboard.

Nursing Home Sued for Bringing in Strippres