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NYPD Holding Dead Man’s Bike in Warehouse Purgatory

Photo: Barbara Ross

The bike of Mathieu Lefevre, a 30-year-old cyclist killed in a 2011 hit-and-run, remains in a Brooklyn building condemned after Hurricane Sandy, despite the fact that his family needs it as evidence. It’s one of thousands held in the NYPD facility, the New York Post reports, none of which can be accessed because the building is supposedly too dangerous to enter. The Lefevre family is pursing a lawsuit against the driver, who was not criminally charged. “We’ve gotten no timeline,” said their lawyer, even following a subpoena that ordered the city to hand it over in January. “It is our property,” said Lefevre’s mother. “Why is the NYPD not releasing the bike? It could change the outcome.” Instead, it’s just sitting there.

NYPD Holding Dead Man’s Bike in Purgatory