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The Obama Impersonator Is Not the Weirdest Thing About This GOP Senate Candidate’s Ad

Jack Kingston, an 11-term congressman from Georgia, is one of seven Republicans running in the state’s Senate primary. To stand out from the crowd, he made this ad featuring a President Obama voice impersonator. The video consists of black-and-white photos of the real Obama looking concerned and talking on the phone while the fake Obama (who is no Jordan Peele) leaves Kingston a desperate voicemail begging him to “back off Obamacare.” 

You voted 40 times to defund it,” fake Obama reminds Kingston and those watching at home. “You demanded signup. Kingston, let me be clear, I do not want you in the Senate.” Goofy, yes, but the truly weird thing about the ad is the title: “Call Me, Maybe,” which, as you may recall, is the name of Carly Rae Jepsen’s wonderful breakout single. Yet Kingston’s version makes no reference to the original — there is no addictive hook, no lip-syncing teen celebrities, no discussion of whether giving a stranger your number is “crazy.” Was Kingston hoping that undecided voters nostalgic for 2012 would stumble across his message while searching for Jepsen’s hit? Is his campaign manager a sneaky 15-year-old girl? Or is it just a strange coincidence? The people of Georgia’s GOP deserve an answer.  

Obama Impersonator Not Weirdest Part of GOP Ad