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David Ortiz’s Presidential Selfie Was Just a Promotional Stunt for Samsung

As with Ellen DeGeneres’s big Oscar photo, Red Sox hitter David Ortiz’s Tuesday selfie with President Obama was just a promotional stunt for Samsung (the brand confirmed to the Boston Globe that it “helped” with the shot). In retrospect, it was obvious: Ortiz signed a new endorsement deal with the company on Monday, and the Samsung Mobile U.S. Twitter account started promoting the picture of its spokesman and Obama soon after it was taken. (Many users who commented on the selfie were helpfully reminded that it was taken with a #GalaxyNote3, though we’re not sure that will make the comically large device any more attractive to people who aren’t getting paid.) It’s unclear whether Obama was aware of the arrangement, but we hope the revelation will make him wary of posing for another one of these things in the future. 

Ortiz’s Obama Selfie Was a Promotional Stunt