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Rob Ford Would Rather Not Bet Beer in the Toronto-Brooklyn Series

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 22: Mayor Rob Ford with Budget Chief, councillor Frank DiGiorgio at the Executive Committee budget meeting at City Hall in Toronto on January 22, 2014.
Photo: Vince Talotta/Getty

One game in, the first-round NBA playoff series between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors has already given us plenty of gifts: the Raptors GM yelling “Fuck Brooklyn,” this Paul Pierce shot and celebration, a great Toronto Sun cover, a classic Daily News response, rap beef, etc. And that was before Rob Ford got involved.

The crack mayor is trying to behave himself in the face of a friendly wager from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who said he was “willing to send North some of Brooklyn’s best if the Raptors can prevail, perhaps a six-pack from Brooklyn Brewery or a CD from the First Family of hip-hop.” Ford saw only a trap.

I don’t want it involving alcohol because it know it will get spun,” said the man seen in multiple videos getting all kinds of wasted. “I will offer up some Blue Jays tickets,” Ford suggested. “Or Argos.”

Adams, like a gentleman, sent Ford a letter this morning making things official and more appropriate. “I am pleased to learn that you are interested in this opportunity,” he wrote, “so I would like to offer you the terms of the winner receiving a CD of our favorite local artist.”

But Jay Z (Nets) and Drake (Raptors) are already way ahead of them — might as well make it a fondue pot.

Rob Ford Will Not Bet Alcohol in Raptors-Nets