Marco Rubio Will Run for Senator or President in 2016, Not Both

Last month, Senator Rand Paul pushed Kentucky state legislators to pass a bill allowing people to run for two offices at once, so he’ll have his job in the Senate to fall back on if his presidential bid doesn’t work out. Florida law won’t allow Marco Rubio to do the same, and on Wednesday, the senator told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt he agrees with that rule. “I haven’t even thought that far ahead,” Rubio said of his plans for 2016. “You know, I think by and large when you choose to do something as big as [running for president], you’ve really go to be focused on that and not have an exit strategy.” That might have been a Paul dig, but since the Kentucky senator has already resorted to bacon-related fat puns, Rubio is going to have to be less subtle.

Rubio to Run for Senator or President, Not Both