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Let’s Not Even Talk About How It Snowed Last Night

Photo: Ken Ternlund

Last time we checked, it was mid-April and like, 75 degrees. Then, like a plague, winter came back for what we can only hope was one final kiss-off.

I’m freezing!” someone just yelled outside our window. The wind chill this morning makes it feel like 20 in New York City. A freeze warning is in effect until 10 a.m. It’s April 16.

The National Weather Service, poetic masochists that they are, called Tuesday night’s freak event a “potpourri” of precipitation, including snow, sleet, and snow. But it could be worse: In 1977, it snowed a little in New York on May 9. Something to look forward to.

It’s supposed to reach 50 degrees today. Until then, everyone is allowed to complain. Just remember: Summer is likely to be miserable, too.

Snow in NYC. In Mid-April. Ugh.