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Ubiquitous Subway Dermatologist Dr. Zizmor Has Aged

Dr. Jonathan is Zizmor is easily the most famous dermatologist in the city, thanks to the ads featuring his face (and a rainbow) that have graced New York’s subway cars for decades. (He also does TV commercials.) As far as commuters knew, Dr. Zizmor’s visage has barely changed since he first began offering alternatives to “expensive plastic surgery” to those willing to dial easy-to-remember phone number. That changed on Friday, when Gothamist discovered a recent photo of the good doctor on ZocDoc.

Though Dr. Zizmor actually looks alright for a man his age (whatever age that is!), the combined effect of deep lines around his eyes and mouth and the loss of his cheeks’ youthful chubbiness definitely comes as a shock to New Yorkers who have accepted his early-’90s look as part of the MTA scenery. (Somewhat suspiciously, his hair density and pout appear unchanged.) On the other hand, he is human, like all of us, and even dermatologists with an endless supply of affordable skincare treatments at their disposal have to age sometime. After all, you probably don’t look the same as you did when you first let your eyes rest on Dr. Zimor’s lab coat and tie, now do you? Either way, it might be time for some new posters.

Subway Dermatologist Dr. Zizmor Has Aged