‘Vaping’ Is Now As Inconvenient As Smoking

This September 25, 2013 photo illustration taken in Washington, DC, shows a woman smoking a 'Blu' e cigarette. The National Association of Attorneys General on September 24, issued a letter urging the US Food and Drug Administration to clamp down on the fast-growing e-cigarette market, saying manufacturers are enticing teenagers to smoke with cartoon characters, television ads and bubble-gum flavors.

The spirit of Mayor Michael Bloomberg returns to New York today with the enactment of the electronic cigarette ban he signed on his way out of office. From now on, “vapers” will have to suck down their nicotine-spiked fog next to the smokers outside of bars, restaurants, and all the other public spaces where analogue cigarettes aren’t allowed. Will this cut down on the trend? Only Leonardo DiCaprio knows for sure.