Video: Commuters React Appropriately to Being Trapped on the Subway With a Rat

Rats are everywhere. That means that, while they’re always in the subway stations, they’re also sometimes on the subway itself. On Monday morning, an unlucky man named Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader shot this video of A-train commuters reacting appropriately to being trapped with one of the giant rodents for the already long ride from Manhattan’s Fulton Street to Brooklyn’s High Street.

About half the people stand on their seats rather than risk the sensation of the greasy, thick-tailed ball of filth running over their feet. Several others hold out their phones to record the terror themselves, for history. There is a lot of screaming, as well as some scattered sobs and cries of “oh my God!” The relief that descends on the car as it finally reaches its destination is palpable and moving. We hope the MTA steps up to give these brave riders the support they’ll need going forward.

Video: Commuters React to Rat on Subway