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What It’s Like to Get Hit by the Subway (and Then Joke About It)

Photo: Jenna Marotta

Twenty-five-year-old stand-up comedian Liza Dye was hit by the train after fainting onto the subway tracks in February and has been in the hospital (without insurance — donate here!) ever since. Speaking publicly for the first time, Dye told the story to Jenna Marotta at our sister blog, Bedford + Bowery. “I just heard this lady’s voice ask me, ‘Are you alive?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And then she was like, ‘That girl under the train is alive,’” Dye recalls. “That’s when I saw people on the other side of the platform looking and starting to Instagram and stuff.”

When they were pulling the train off of me, I was totally conscious and, at one point, you know when you’re on the train, and the train stops for a while, and the people are like [grumbling sounds]? I could hear people doing that in the train cars. And so I was shouting, ‘I’m sorry I fucked up your dayyy! I’m sorry I made you late for work!’ and people were cracking up.” The rest is here.

What It’s Like to Get Hit by the Subway