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Everything You Need to Know About Why Was Down

As you may have noticed, the New York Magazine website — including Intelligencer, The Cut, Grub Street, and Vulture — was inaccessible for most of Wednesday afternoon. (Think about how much you missed us, and then multiple that by the number of books Thomas Piketty has sold this week, and that’s how much we missed you.)

In the course of some routine maintenance, we inadvertently made a change to our DNS settings, temporarily causing the internet to forget the IP address of our servers. We realized the mistake almost immediately and quickly changed things back, but it took a while for the internet’s address directory to update with the correct information. Things should be getting back to normal now, although there may be a few more bumps throughout the evening. The sun will come out tomorrow.

While we were dark, though, we could still read Twitter and noticed that the coping method of choice was to make jokes. Here are some of our favorites — we laughed to keep from crying:

See you in the morning!

Why Was Down