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Winter Goes Out Fighting, Hurls Chunks of Ice at Tourists

Photo: Shutterstock

The winter of 2014 is going out fighting. As New York warmed up after last night’s mid-April cold snap and snowstorm, pieces of ice began falling on the line of folks waiting to visit 30 Rockefeller Center’s observation deck. DNAinfo reports that at least five people — including several tourists and a reporter — were hit by the “fist-sized chunks” of frozen water, which continued to plummet off the skyscraper for about an hour. Emergency responders were eventually called to the scene, though no one ended up requiring medical attention. “We got hit with a little bit of snow. Nothing too big though. I didn’t think it’d be this cold in April,” said one of the out-of-state victims. For once, the visitors and the people who actually live here were on the same page.

Winter Goes Out Fighting With Falling Ice