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You Missed Your Chance to Own a 9/11 Cheese Plate

Following the public outcry over the horrifyingly tacky USA-shaped platter featuring hearts where the planes hit on 9/11, the item has been pulled from the National September 11 Memorial Museum’s gift shop. Joe Daniels, president of the memorial foundation, tells The Wall Street Journal that in the future, 9/11 victims’ family members who sit on the foundation’s board will be asked to approve items sold at the site. “Once the public starts coming in, you learn so much,” Daniels said. “We in no way presume to get everything right. We will accept that criticism, absolutely.” It sounds like museum visitors are going to be forced to find dog vests that don’t commemorate one of the biggest tragedies in American history.

You Missed the Chance to Own a 9/11 Cheese Plate