Almost All Citi Bike Riders Are Men, Especially in Manhattan

New analysis from the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation found that just 23.7 percent of Citi Bike users between July and December of 2013 were women, while men were responsible for 76.3 percent of trips. Sarah Kaufman attempted to figure out why:

Women typically attribute reduced cycling numbers to safety among car traffic, and considering Citi Bike’s distribution across some of the most congested parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, lower female participation makes sense. Further analysis of the gender divide by bike share station shows that bike stations in Manhattan are predominantly used by men, while Brooklyn stations are more proportionately popular among women. Of the top ten stations for each gender, women preferred the Brooklyn residential neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, while men were overwhelmingly represented in bustling midtown Manhattan.

The most popular station for women was in the East Village, at 8th Street and Avenue D, where there’s barely any traffic. Still, just 37.9 percent of the station’s users were female. Maybe it’s also because the bikes are that awful bright blue, which looks good on no one.

Check out the rest of the findings here.

Almost All Citi Bike Riders Are Men