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Teenager’s Cell Phone Video Shows Tragic End As South Korean Ferry Sinks

It starts with laughter. “It’s like we’re becoming the Titanic,” says one of the 325 high-school students on board, according an AP translation. “We are going to make news with this,” says another as the boat tilts. “This is going to be a lot of fun if we get it onto our Facebook.”

The footage was recovered with the body of 17-year-old Park Su-hyeon, whose father released the clip to the media as more than 200 people have been confirmed dead, and nearly 100 are still missing in the disaster. Throughout the 15 minutes of footage, as announcements over the loudspeaker warn passengers to put on their life vests, the laughing turns nervous before giving way to panic.

What? Hurry! Save us!” says one student. “Are we going to die?” asks another. “Am I really going to die?”

This looks like the end,” one boy says to the camera. Someone else cuts in: “Mom, Dad, I love you.”

Awful Video: Sinking South Korean Ferry