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Cray-Z: Post, Daily News Come Up With Matching, Uninspired Solange–Jay Z Covers

Photo: Shimon Prokupecz

After a full day of tired “99 Problems” jokes from the peanut gallery, both New York City tabloids played it even safer and went with “Cray-Z” for their elevator fight headlines. (No one told them Jay dropped the hyphen, apparently.) Solange’s name is left for the small print, identified for the masses as “Bey’s twisted sister” and “Bey’s sis.” This is your media narrative taking shape.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter-Knowles, meanwhile, sat courtside at Barclays as the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Miami Heat. LeBron stopped by for a chat; by the looks on Jay and Bey’s faces, he probably cracked a “100th problem” joke, too:

Cray-Z: Post, Daily News Matching Solange Covers