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Rob Ford Is Probably in Rehab, But Not in Chicago

Photo: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Globe and Mail reported that the Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who recently said he would seek “immediate help” for his drinking and occasional crack-smoking, had mysteriously “turned around” before officially entering the United States for treatment in Chicago, causing some Canadian lawmakers to demand information about his whereabouts. Though Ford’s brother, Doug, declined to say where his infamous sibling had ended up, he assured those keeping track at home that, “He’s in a rehab facility, 100 per cent, and he’s getting the support that he needs.” Meanwhile, Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, objected to the suggestion that his client was still on the loose somewhere. “The bottom line is he’s in rehab,” Morris told reporters. “It’s not like he’s at a baseball game in Los Angeles or something.” That’s probably true, if only because someone would have recognized him already.

Ford Is Probably in Rehab, But Not in Chicago