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Guess the Median Age of Megyn Kelly’s Audience

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 10: Megyn Kelly, host of America Live on set at Fox News studios in New York. Fox News Channel celebrated its 15th anniversary on the air on October 7th.
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We all know that Bill O’Reilly’s viewing audience is older than dirt, with a median age of 72.1 years old. That’s why Fox News brought in Megyn Kelly, whose task was to appeal to the youngsters. This was widely predicted when Kelly started last year, by reporters (“building a younger audience is a constant concern, if not the driving force in these latest changes“), academics (she “could improve performance among some younger viewers as well as among women”), and hopeful conservatives (“one of her jobs is to attract younger viewers to the network“).

And it turns out Kelly is bringing down the age of her audience — all the way down to a sprightly median age of 71.7 years old. Her audience agrees with her that Jesus was white because they knew him when he was still alive.