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Hammer-Wielding Robber Strikes Queens and Brooklyn Subway Stations

Thanks to this man, you can add being bashed in the head with a hammer to your list of subway fears. On Wednesday morning, he sneaked up behind a man at a MetroCard machine in the Rockaway Avenue station in Bedford-Stuyvesant, hit him in the head, and demanded his money, according to police. The 32-year-old victim handed over $140 and the suspect ran off.

Police believe this is his third attack against commuters. On Sunday morning, a 24-year-old man was hit in the head while buying a MetroCard in the same subway station. The suspect continued beating him when he fell to the ground, and took his wallet.

On March 5, a 26-year-old pregnant woman was robbed while walking to a subway station in Briarwood, Queens. The attacker hit her in the head with a hammer and ran off with her purse. “I’m short, I’m 5’1”, 130 pounds did you really have to hit me behind the head?” she told NBC New York, wondering why he didn’t just snatch her bag. “How much of a threat am I that you had to try to kill me?”

Hammer-Wielding Robber Strikes Subway Stations