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Kim Jong-un May Not Have Executed His Ex-Girlfriend After All

Let’s begin this post with a reminder that North Korea is a closed-off land, only accessible to onetime basketball greats and Vice news crews, a place out of which many bizarre, unfounded rumors emerge. (Oh, and missiles.) Keeping that in mind, we’re noting that Kim Jong-un’s supposedly dead onetime girlfriend, Hyon Song-wol, is said to have appeared on state television this week.

In case you’ve forgotten, Hyon is the “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” singer Kim reportedly had executed back in 2013 for allegedly being involved in a pornographic video (or something much more innocuous) with 11 other members of the Unhasu Orchestra (a musical group his now-wife Ri Sol-ju was also once part of). However, there’s now reason to believe that she wasn’t actually killed, as reports say she was seen doing a televised speech at a national art workers rally in Pyongyang. Again, one never knows when it comes to news from North Korea, but it would be nice to believe that Hyon is alive and as well as she can be, given the circumstances.

Kim Jong-un’s Ex-Girlfriend Might Be Alive