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Life Advice From the Oldest Man in the World, a 111-Year-Old Occult Scholar on the Upper West Side

Photo: Ljupco Smokovski/iStockphoto

The New York Times has tracked down the largely stationary Alexander Imich, who at 111 and 1/4 years old currently holds the title of world’s oldest man who can prove it. (He moved up the oft-changing list on April 24.) Imich has over the years fled the Holocaust, survived a Soviet work camp, and worked as a zoologist and a chemist before switching his focus to studying paranormal activity. He also has a few tips for living a ridiculously long time, to add to our master list:

• No kids. Imich is childless, his closest living relative an 84-year-old nephew. Stress-free.

• No drinking or smoking. He quit smoking forever ago and never indulged in the sauce. (For nearly everyone, it’s probably already too late.)

• Exercise while your body still can. “I was a gymnast,” he told the Times. “Good runner, a good springer. Good javelin, and I was a good swimmer.”

• Don’t eat too much, except ice cream. Also good: “matzo balls, gefilte fish, chicken noodle soup, Ritz crackers, scrambled eggs, chocolate.” So, like a Jewish 10-year-old.

• Take things as they come, but not too seriously. Of his new title, Imich said, “Not like it’s the Nobel Prize.”

Life Advice From the Oldest Man in the World