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Lynn Cheney Has New Clinton Conspiracy Theory

Connect the dots, people. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Lynn Cheney has a theory about why Monica Lewinsky wrote a long Vanity Fair essay about her experience with Bill Clinton: It’s because the Clintons wanted it. Cheney explains her suspicions. “I really wonder if this isn’t an effort on the Clintons’ part to get that story out of the way,” Cheney, announced on an interview on Fox News. “Would Vanity Fair publish anything about Monica Lewinsky that Hillary Clinton didn’t want in Vanity Fair?”

There may be a couple of holes in this theory. The first is that, while it does account for the Clinton’s motivations, it fails to explain the participation of Lewinsky herself, who is the author of the article in question, and may not be in the mind-set of “I really owe Bill Clinton a favor.”

The second hole is Cheney’s assumption that Vanity Fair would never publish anything that Hillary Clinton didn’t want. Unless she thinks Hillary Clinton wanted Vanity Fair to publish a long, dishy 2008 exposé portraying her husband as a still-adulterous sleazebag up to his neck in questionable business practices:

And it is true that there is a real downside to being governed by a man with an uncontrollable libido, as the United States was from 1993 until 2001. On the other hand, it definitely beats being governed by an ideologically delirious paranoid, as it was from 2001 until 2009.