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Man in Underwear Steals Bread Truck, Delivers Bread

A bag of Wonder Bread is seen November 18, 2012 in Washington, DC. Hostess Brands Inc., who make Wonder Bread as well as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's and other baked goods, plans to go out of business after Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring failed. Hostess, which has faced acrimonious labor relations in recent years as well as the slower US economy, said on November 16 it filed a motion in US Bankruptcy Court seeking permission to close its business and sell its assets, including iconic brands that have fed US households for decades. The 82-year-old Irving, Texas-based company, one of the country's largest bakers, could lay off most of the 18,500 people who staff its 33 bakeries, 553 distribution centers and 527 bakery outlets nationwide.

A thief on the Upper East Side took the stolen delivery vehicle along its normal route using instructions left on the front seat, making at least three scheduled stops before he resorted to just throwing bread out the window. If he were wearing clothes (and hadn’t ended up in a psychiatric ward), it might’ve been considered an overly ambitious audition for the job.

Man Steals Bread Truck, Delivers Bread