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Most People Who Watch Bill O’Reilly Are Rapidly Approaching Death

All of the cable news networks have struggled this month — May is always slow and CNN no longer has the missing-plane bubble to make it look like a viable competitor — but buried in Bill Carter’s New York Times ratings survey today is the fact that the Bill O’Reilly audience just keeps getting older.

Fox News and its Papa Bear had their worst month since 9/11 among the valuable 25–54 demographic, and while the Factor still crushed its rivals overall, “The median age for Mr. O’Reilly’s audience reached a new high, 72.1.” The median! Fox News’ success among senior citizens is well documented, but even more than a Democrat as president to fearmonger about, the network is coming to rely heavily on modern medicine. It may soon be time to reconsider Obamacare.

Most People Who Watch Bill O’Reilly Are Over 70