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‘Hostile Hostel’ Eventually Thinks Better of Room Names Like ‘Wife Beater Bungalow’ and ‘Whore House’

Looks cozy.

A new “pop-up” hostel at Rockaway Beach has taken a second pass at naming its beds and rooms after DNAinfo asked if it was really such a good idea to have spaces dedicated to Ike Turner, Chris Brown, and Mel Gibson. (The Tony Montana and Tony Soprano bunks remain.) Gone are the aptly named Hostile Hostel’s “Whore House” room (now called, plainly, “the Dorm,” because there is no middle ground), plus the “Wife Beater,” “Domestic Violence,” “Crack House,” and “Gang Violence” bungalows. “It’s just a joke,” said the owner, and “it hadn’t really occurred” to her that it might not go over well with the neighborhood. “The fact that you mentioned it — I don’t want to cause any trouble, and I just don’t want to offend anyone.” The guests are guaranteed to be equally charming. 

New Hostel Changes Domestic Violence Room Names